Meet Andres Flores

Andres Flores was born & raised in Oxnard, CA. He is a first-generation Mexican American and comes from a long line of proud, hard working people. He has been passionate about film since a child, spending entire Saturdays at the movie theater with his Father watching movie after movie. He knew he had a gift for storytelling and Directing when he first learned to read in kindergarten, when he would picture the words in his mind as if they were a movie. Since before he was born, his parents and the majority of his extended family worked in the fields picking strawberries in the Oxnard plain and surrounding Ventura county. Thanks to their sacrifice and hard work, they were all able to put their kids through school. In Mexican culture, it is encouraged for children to follow a career in education, medicine or a professional trade with benefits. His parents would tell him on multiple occasions to give up his dream of being a film director and pursue a real job. He knew his life’s purpose, so regardless of how many times he was told to follow a safer career, he kept true to his dream. In 2011, Andres Flores, alongside Jesus Cardoso, co-founded Our New Era Entertainment. Since its inception, Andres Flores has served as Director of Productions, and played a vital role in building Our New Era Entertainment to where it is today. He began his Music Video Directing career the same year, as well as his Cinematography career. He has worked with the hottest Hip-Hop Artists of today. Artists such as Travis Scott, ScHoolboy Q, Y.G., G-Eazy, Migos, Ty$, Sage the Gemini, P-LO, A$AP Ferg, E-40 and many more. Andres Flores’ Directorial debut was his first horror/drama film “Slaughter at Tempest”. Andres Flores produced, filmed and Directed “Slaughter at Tempest”, while coinciding as a Producer, helping Raymond Gerard Braza with his first film “Wayward Nature”. Andres teamed up with Braza once again for their second collaboration “Pigmenta”, this time as Producer, Cinematographer and Co-Director. Both "Wayward Nature" and "Pigmenta" have screened internationally and have won “Best Horror Short Film” in festivals worldwide. In addition to his filmmaking career, Andres has worked as a Marketing Director for national companies such as Mr. Rooter, and has created marketing campaigns for major brands, including directing 2 commercials for the late Nipsey Hussle’s brand of water, Marathon Water. Andres Flores’ mission is to do everything with a passion and purpose. He brings that same passion to every project he endeavours in. “It is my strong belief that you must have a passion for what you dedicate yourself to. I am passionate about creating vivid worlds, breathtaking stories, and passionate about accomplishing my goals and helping others along the way accomplish theirs. Whatever your passion is, pursue it to evolve everyday. You don’t have to be better than the next man, but always be better than whom you were yesterday.” - Andres Flores

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